• Welcome Class of 2021!
    Overview: Get down to business. It's time to get college ready! You just started high school, but college is just around the corner! Push yourself to take the harder classes colleges require. Get involved. Start now and you can make your college dreams reality.

    CLASS OF 2020 (Freshmen)

    1.    KEEP YOUR GRADES UP.  Remember that colleges will not accept any “D’s” or “F’s” on your transcript (the record of all the classes you take in high school)

    2.   You will be taking the HIGH SCHOOL EXIT EXAM (CASHEE) next year. This test is required for graduation. It tests English through 10th grade and math through the first part of Algebra 1.

    3.   Take an ROP CLASS next year to explore new opportunities for education and career.

    NEW POLICY For Service Hours PLEASE READ


    NEW POLICY regarding hours:(as of May 2015)

    ALL hours must be turned in the year you did the service!  So, if you do any service this year, they must be turned in by the last day of the school year to receive credit.  If you do not, you will not get credit for them. If hours are done in the summer, they are due before the end of the first term (end of January).