• School-Wide Learner Outcomes (SLOs)
    Robertson High School students will be:

    Learners who:
    *Think critically to analyze complex problems.
    *Take initiative to ensure personal success.
    *Demonstrate mastery of each learning target.
    *Support claims with reasoning and evidence.
    *Consider the reliability of sources.
    *Practice ethical behavior in regar to the use of information technology and academic honesty.
    Communicators who:
    *Express themselves confidently, professionally, and respectfully.
    *Listen objectively and empathetically.
    *Clearly and effectively express ideas in both written and spoken formats.
    *Utilize technology to appropriately convey information and ideas.
    Citizens who:
    *Take responsibility for their own actions.
    *Respect the diversity and opinion of others.
    *Use leadership skills to develop and maintain relationships.
    *Share workload fairly when collaborating with others.
    *Act with integrity and compassion.

    Robertson High School Vision Statement


    Education (Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment)

                We will:

    • provide a rigorous standards-based curriculum with measurable daily lesson objectives

    • focus on student mastery/learning  

    • embed technology into various aspects of the curriculum/instruction

    • differentiate instructional strategies to engage our students

    • have high expectations of ourselves and our students

    • use a variety of formative and summative assessments to provide timely feedback and correctives to students and to refine our instructional practices

    • collaborate in cross-curricular teams to co-plan/co-teach thematic units


      create a period in the master schedule for intervention/enrichment (Flex Time)

    School Environment (Safety, Culture, Climate)

    We will:

    • promote a safe and respectful school environment by modeling positive communication, exhibiting respectful behaviors, and developing a climate where all are welcome and safe.

    • provide effective character education opportunities (Restorative Practices, PBIS), student leadership, peer advocacy programs, and AOD (Alcohol and Other Drugs) courses.

      • ensure that there are multiple and varied events/programs that recognize and reward student growth and citizenship at school and in the community

      • strongly advocate for improved nutrition on campus and emphasize healthy living by collaborating with experts from the school district, local businesses, and other organizations

      • create and maintain a school garden

      • complete inclusive campus beautification projects at least twice per year that add color and enhance the physical environment of the school (Make a Difference Day)

      • develop a safety plan and regularly train students and staff to implement it in the event of an emergency


    Community Relations (All Stakeholders)

    We will:

    • create partnerships with all parents by regularly hosting parent educational workshops/seminars where childcare and interpreters are provided

    • regularly communicate in a variety of ways with all stakeholders and actively seek their feedback via surveys, questionnaires, evaluation forms, etc.

    • provide opportunities for families to informally meet and chat with teachers and administrators
    • ensure that all parent events take place at a time of day that is convenient for them to attend
    • actively seek community partnerships to enhance programs and to effectively collaborate with various stakeholders
    • promote all of our successes, events, activities to the media via the district's Public Relations Officer, or through direct contact with local media outlets
    • invite parents and students to advocate and promote the school by having them attend new student orientations and recruitment events at the local high schools

                  School Support Services

         We will:

    • provide a variety of on-site interventions including: social/emotional and substance abuse counseling, academic tutoring, informal mentoring, English Language Learner support, and an intensive reading intervention program
    • partner with various FUSD schools for students to lead events and Restorative Practices Trainings
    • develop embedded and effective intervention time during the school day for targeted studentsCollege and Career ReadinessWe will:
    • improve service learning opportunities both on and off campus during the regular school year and summer school
    • provide ROP fairs and other college/career-related assemblies
    • integrate real-world skills classes into the master schedule
    • build partnershps with community organizations to provide career and college preparatory opportunities for our students