• Welcome

    Parents of the Class of 2017!

    We will use this page as a guide to help your students succeed during their junior year of high school. 


    Advice for parents of juniors

    As parents of high school age students, you may question if you have any degree of influence in their decision-making processes. Be reassured that they are listening to you, probably much more often than you think. So what can you do to help them in their search and preparation for college?

    • First, show them your support in their quest to gain knowledge, experience and expertise beyond high school.
    • Attend financial aid and scholarship presentations while they are juniors.You will be more prepared, and have fewer surprises, than if you wait until they are seniors to take advantage of these presentations.
    • Encourage them to build their resume by:
      • taking college prep classes,
      • participating in extracurricular activities, and
      • volunteering at programs outside of school.
    • Explore other FREE websites for information on careers, colleges, and ways to pay for college.