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     March 12-16, 2018

    Click the link for more updates... Information regarding Multicultural Week
    What is multicultural week?
    Multicultural week is held each spring with a goal of making the JFK student body more aware of the many cultures and ethnic diversity of our school and the community. It is a time to celebrate and educate diversity through tradition, heritage, consume and food. The tradition at JFK is to have a series of noon time activities honoring our many faces of Kennedy and culminating with an "International Kitchen" in the quad.
    What role do clubs play with multicultural week? 
    As already mentioned clubs are a vital link to this week, without the clubs this week can not and will not happen. This is a very popular week in the life of JFK. Many clubs use this as an outreach time to bring in new members and bring students of other cultures to be a part of their presentation.  
    What is International night?
    International night is an assembly held the night prior to the school rally. Since visitors are not admitted on campus during the school day, this is an opportunity for family and friends to watch the multicultural performances hosted by the clubs of JFK. Admission is FREE, doors open at 7:30pm, & the show runs from 8-9pm. 
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