Blood Drive

    Blood drives are hosted at JFK usually once-twice per year. Dates and info for 2018 blood drive(s) - TBA 
    The voluntary act of blood donation serves an important need in the community.
    Parental permission is required for all 16-year-olds to donate blood. When we are required to obtain parental consent, your son or daughter will need to turn in a signed consent form to the donation site each time he or she plans to donate. Students 18 and up are not required to get permission from their parents. We HIGHLY advise students 18 and up talk to their parents before donating
    Why should you give blood?
    Almost everyone during their life will know someone who needs a blood transfusion. There is no substitute and still only one source of blood for transfusion- volunteer blood donors. You can make a difference in someone's life! 
    Is it safe?
    Donating blood is a safe process. A sterile needle is used only once for each donor and then discarded. Specially trained staff are available at each blood drive and details of each donor's health and activities are discussed in a confidential setting prior to blood donation to determine eligibility.