• School Dances


    Homecoming / Winter Ball Dance  



    *Prices of Tickets (for homecoming   and Winter ball )

    $12 with ASB

    $15 without ASB

    $20 at the door

    Winter Ball


    Time: 7pm-10pm

    Location: John F. Kennedy Gym 

    Food: Provided by PTSA unless told otherwise 

    All dance tickets are included in class packages during Maze Day.

    The last day for a student to buy dance a ticket is the day of the dance, OR Friday before it is a Saturday dance. Ticket sales end at Lunch. Tickets are also sold at the door until 8 pm.

    *Please note in order to buy a pre-sale tickets all debts must be paid 

    Guest tickets are $15 pre-sale or $20 at the door 

    *Guest passes must be completed and turned in to Ms. Lavaud by Wednesday prior to the dance!!! They are needed at the time of purchase for any pre-sale ticket.



    April 29th 2017

    Location: Casa Real

    (1184 Vineyard Avenue Pleasanton, California 94566)

    Prices are as following

    Maze day $100
    $110 from day after made until January 31st
    $120 from February 1st until 28th,
    $130 from March 1st until March 31st. The last day to purchase a prom ticket, guest pass, for transfer name is March 31st, 2017.

    2017 Prom includes the following

    o   Unlimited sodas

    o   Appetizers

    o   Dinner salad

    o   Chicken and steak dinner served with vegetables and additional items

    o   Desert

    o   DJ