• Be Heard!
    How do I get things in the bulletin?
    Bulletin forms may be obtained from online or Ms. Lavaud in Rm 156. Announcements must be submitted by the  end of lunch the previous day in order to be included in the next day's bulletin. Special interest groups not registered as a club are unable to advertise in the bulletin or post signs on or around campus. 
    How do we get an announcement on the marquee?
    Items placed on the marquee are done so in the office.If you want something on the marquee, stio by the office with your announcement. Please list all dates you wish to have the items run. Contact Mrs. Damewood for further information.
    Any questions? Please contact:
    Nicole Lavaud
    Activities Director- Room 226
    510-657-30070 x27226
    Joelle Damewood
    Attendance- Office
    510-657-4070, x27022