•      School Loop is an online application for parent and students to view grades online and communicate with teachers.  It allows teachers to upload a students grades onto the Internet for immediate viewing.  Current assignments and files may also be posted on School Loop and a feature know as "drop box" allows students to electronically submit their work. 

         Registering for your free School Loop account is easy and only takes one minute.  You will need your child's  student ID number to complete the registration form.  A student's ID number can typically be found on their student ID card of their last report card.    
         The first time you login, you will be asked to read and acknowledge a User Agreement. 

         Once logged in, you  can add your other children to your account if they attend the same school  Click on the
    Add Student link in the My Student section at the top of the right column on your portal homepage.  With you School Loop account, you may access details about your child's classes and assignments.  In addition, School Loop
     will automatically send a daily update to your personal email each day at approximately  5 pm.
         School Loop is safe and secure because all members publish in their own names.  All information you provide is kept private, including your email address. 

         Please Note:  To see your student's grades, your account must first be approved by a school administrator.  Each school has its own policy for approving parent accounts.  Please contact a teacher or administrator at the school for more information.  School Loop Support may not approve parent accounts and does not maintain information about each schools approval policy.  

    Please click on the following link to register.  http://walters-fusd-ca.schoolloop.com/