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    Athletic Department Mission

    It is the John F. Kennedy Athletic Department’s mission to be determined to instill strong academic values in all of our student athletes while providing a safe and challenging athletic experience.  We understand the diversity in schools, and will ensure that student-athletes develop not only internally as a better citizen, but also externally by developing the required athletic skills for team and personal success.​ 
    John F. Kennedy High School athletics compete within the Mission Valley Athletic League (MVAL) which is a part of the North Coast Section(NCS). All students participating in school sports must meet GPA requirements (see eligibility). Our school has been achieving amazing accomplishments in the past couple of years.  In 2016- 2017 school year, 7 of our varsity sports teams made playoffs and 20 of our sports teams made NCS Scholar team honors.  We constantly strive for academic success as we recognize strong academic values will increase the success of our teams.  We look forward to increasing our successes on and off the field in the coming year.  If you ever have questions or concerns, please direct those to the athletic director, Paul McDermott.
    Athletic Director: Paul McDermott
    Phone: 510-657-4070 x27104 
    Cheer (Tryouts in May)
    Cross Country
    Basketball- Boys and Girls
    Soccer- Boys and Girls
    Swimming- Boys and Girls
    Track and Field- Boys and Girls 
    MVAL Athletic Gate Fees 
    Football (Var/JV), Basketball (all levels), Wrestling (all levels): 
    Adults/Students w/o ASB         $7.00
    Students w/ASB                        $5.00
    Students Grades K-8                 $3.00
    Seniors 62 and older                  Free
    Water polo (G/B), Soccer (G/B), Frosh Football, T/F, Volleyball (G/B), Baseball/Softball:
    Adults/Students w/o ASB        $5.00
    Students w/ASB                       $3.00
    Students K-8                             $3.00
    Seniors 62 and older                 Free