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    Parents of the Class of 2017!
    Important Senior Dates:
    • December 2, 2016- Senior portraits deadline
    • December 19, 2016- Diploma changes deadline
    • February 3, 2017- Senior contract deadline
    • March 31, 2017- Guest pass deadline for prom
    • June 14, 2017- Senior checkout 
    • June 15, 2017- Graduation practice (@ 9 am)

    Important info regarding Prom and Seniors:

    1. All debts must be cleared in order to attend.  See Ms. Facha in the business office with questions.

    2. Guest passes must be turned in to the ASB Director, Ms. Lavaud by FRIDAY, March 31 NO EXCEPTIONS. Guests CANNOT exceed the age of 20

    3. Students should NOT bring any large bags to the venue.  ALL bags will be searched!

     Information regarding Diplomas:

    It is your responsibility to check the list posted in the front office for the spelling of your name on your diploma. You should use your legal name.  The deadline for diploma changes was December 19, 2016.

    Senior Debts:  

    It is your responsibility to clear all debts before graduation. Debts prevent you from participating in senior activities such as prom and senior week. Return all books not being used to the book room (354) ASAP. If you have a debt, your yearbook will be held until Senior Checkout on June 14, 2017. Mrs. Facha has sent out numerous reminders of students with debts. If you are unsure, check with Ms. Facha in the business office during brunch or lunch, or before/after school.

    Graduation Info:

    My participation in the ceremony is optional, a privilege, and not a right.

    1. All obligations to the school (i.e. debts, classroom assignments and disciplinary consequences) must be cleared prior to the graduation in order to participate.

    2. All participants must attend practice on June 15 9:00AM, at TAK field behind Washington High School until we are done at approximately 12:00PM.Students late to practice will be placed at the end of the graduation line. Students who miss practice will not take part in the ceremony. Do not park in the Washington High School Parking lot.  Please park at the Community Center or on the street.  

    3. All participants must meet at the cafeteria at WHS at 1:30PM on June 15.

    4. Graduation will commence at TAK Stadium at 3:30PM.

      Underneath the gown, students must wear formal day dress (no flip flops).

        • Graduating Men: Dress shoes, dress pants, dress shirt, and tie.
        • Graduating Women: Dresses, blouses, dress pants, or skirts with dress shoes (no purses on field).
        • Jeans, tennis shoes, shorts, or T-shirts are not acceptable regardless of color, style, newness or cost. Any senior who has a question about appropriate dress should contact his/her administrator. Dress will be checked at the door.


    *If you need an interpreter for the deaf, please see Mrs. May ASAP.


    Guests will not be allowed on the field until the end of the ceremony. A professional photographer, Studio One, will take individual pictures after graduates receive their diplomas.


    Behavior and Attendance Expectations at Graduation:

    1. Any behavior between now and the end of the school year that results in a SUSPENSION from school may jeopardize your participation in Senior Activities and the Graduation Ceremony.

    2. Failure to submit evidence of 40 hours of service learning will result in the student not graduating.

    3. Failure to complete all academic graduation or certificate of completion requirements will result in the student not graduating.


      Graduation provides a time for ceremony, recognition, and celebration. Participation in the graduation ceremony is not required for graduation from high school; however all students who complete the Board of Education requirements for graduation are invited to participate. It is our intent that each graduate experiences the same courtesy, pride, recognition, attention, and respect.


      To ensure that this happens, we require the following graduation contract. We expect all to go well and for the celebration to begin after the ceremony when families are invited onto the field to join their graduate. Students who choose not to participate in the ceremony may pick up their diplomas from the registrar on Friday, June 19th.


    Please discuss our expectations with your attending group. We all want to be proud of this event. Thank you for your cooperation.

    Senior Contract:  
    1. I understand that any behavior between now and the end of the school year that results in a SUSPENSION from school may jeopardize my participation in Senior Activities and the Graduation Ceremony.

    2.  I understand that failure to complete all academic graduation or certificate of completion requirements will result in the student not graduating.

    3. I will clear all school debts prior to Prom and return all books.

    4. I will submit proof of completion for 40 hours service learning.

    5. I will comply with school attendance and behavior guidelines.

    6. If I was absent for Senior Cut Day or any other organized Senior Cut Day, I understand it has counted as the first violation of this contract.

    7. I understand that Administration may restrict senior privileges for students having more than 5 truant, “cuts”, and/or behavioral referrals.

    8. I will attend graduation practice and verify pronunciation of my name. During the Ceremony - I will wear the 2017 JFKHS cap and gown and will not alter or decorate them.

    9. I will conduct myself properly so that the ceremony will be conducted in a dignified manner.

    10. I will not bring or use any noisemakers, balloons, or other items that might detract from the ceremony.

    11. I will not use my cell phone during the ceremony.

    12. I understand if this contract is not turned in by February 3, 2017, it will count as a violation of Section E of this contract.


    Senior Portraits 

    If you have questions please contact, Studio 1 Photography directly at (925) 361.0430.  

    The deadline has passed. 
    Their studio is located at 6515 Sierra Lane, Dublin, CA 94568
    SENIOR AD for the yearbook
    This is a great way to leave a special message to your senior. please click on the one that will work your you.  If you have any questions please contact Mrs. Clark, dclark@fremont.k12.ca.us
    The deadline has passed.