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    Email Address: vhunter@fremont.k12.ca.us
    Phone number: 510.657.4070 ext 27346
    Best time to call: after school mainly but call anytime and I'll get back to you as soon as possible =)
    Hi there!!!
    My husband and I are natives to Fremont and we went to Fremont schools, so it feels great to be a part of a wonderful district that produces wonderful students that can and will succeed in their future =) 
    I Graduated from Cal State East Bay (Hayward) with a BA in Liberal Studies and a special option in Special Education. I then went into the Teacher Ed program and got my General Ed credential in Multiple Subjects and my Special Ed credential in Mod/Severe Disabilities. 
    I LOVE my students and think very highly of them all!! I am a Member of Cal TASH. TASH is a national organization that is centered around people with severe disabilities and is a human rights organization, giving them a voice and a life.  
    What I tell all my parents and my students around my school is to stay kind and loving to everyone around you! Even with disabilities we are all capable of doing something. Please allow others to grow and succeed in their own way!! We are all not absolved from disabilities of our own and we all need to remember that we too need help from each other. 
    I also like to make sure my Para-professionals are good and kind to our students and I like to make sure they know how important their job is to our class. We are all teachers in this classroom and we are all working as a team to help our students be most successful! To them I say thank you for all they do.  
    I am very open to new ideas and I will try to work with all my student's parents the best that I can.
    Thank you so much and I am so excited for this new Future of mine!! =)
    Please take care
    Spread kindness everywhere and everyday!!!! 
    Me! I love being active!!


    Period 1 Functional Vocab

    Period 2Pre Vocational
    Period 3
    Individual Living Skills
    Period 4 Social Skills