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    Reading Comprehension Focus

    Dear Parents,
    Treasures is our adopted curriculum for Reading Language Arts, provided by the district, and being used in every elementary school in Fremont Unified School District, starting the 12-13 school year. This is a research-based, comprehensive Reading Language Arts curriculum designed to engage students and enhance reading proficiency, it provides study and practice in the six essential elements of early literacy (phonemic awareness, phonics, reading fluency, vocabulary development, reading comprehension strategies, and writing skills).
    Treasures is centered on providing leveled instruction, and it will be essential that students work in small groups on a regular basis. This program offers high quality fiction and non-fiction literature, coupled with explicit instruction, and ample practice helping students grow as life-long readers and writers. Treasures will better prepare students as we move towards the Common Core Grade Level Standards,which are similar to the Grade Level Standards of today, but are taught at a much deeper level.
    We need parents to come on board and get excited as we make these changes that will better prepare our children to be college and career ready. Parent assistance is crucial as we make this transition to Treasures and the Common Core Grade Level Standards. The websites below will help parents stay connected with the expectations of the new Common Core Grade Level Standards and the new Treasures Reading/Language Arts curriculum.

    Treasures website:

    STEP 1: Once you have logged on you will come to Treasures website that consists of three tabs: Student, Teacher, Families.  Click on the student tab and select appropriate grade level of your child.

    STEP 2:  You will be presented with a menu of units with the “Main Selection” read for each week spent on each unit.

    STEP 3:  Select the story your child will be reading that week and you will have many activities to help support your child.  There are vocabulary and spelling games to support learning.  My personal favorite is the “Audio Summaries” because they provide summaries of the main selection reading for a number of different languages!


    STEP 4:  If you click on the Families tab, parents can find many other useful and informative links to help support your child in the areas of Language Arts and Reading.