• Hello everyone!
    Welcome to Mr. Ho's Page!

    Email Address: jukuho@fremont.k12.ca.us
    Phone number: 510-505-7300 ext. 67351
    Best time to call: After school

    Welcome to my home page.  I am teaching 
    Geometry, Pre-Calculus and Honors Pre-Calculus
    this year.  I want to welcome all my students to my class
    and I wish everone has a successful school year! 




    Period 1 GFA
    Period 2 GFA
    Period 3 Acc Alg 2/Trig PreCal
    Period 4 Geometry
    Period 5 Acc Alg 2/Trig PreCal
    Period 6
    Acc Alg 2/Trig PreCal