• Academic Eligibility Requirements


    In order to be able to participate in the Washington High School athletic program, students must meet the following academic eligibility requirements: 
    • A Minimum 2.0 GPA and NO “F” grades.
    • Academic Probation: 1.75— 1.99 GPA and/or no more than one “F” for a limit of one quarter grading  period based on the current and preceding quarters at the beginning of the eligibility activity, and the following quarter should the activity still be occurring.
    • Academic Probation may not exceed more than one successive quarter; GPA must raise to 2.0 and no “F” grades. No two consecutive quarter "F" grades and or no two consecutive quarters with a GPA of 1.75—1.99.    
    Your last quarter grades will affect your athletic eligibility. 


Last Modified on May 30, 2015