• Program Overview

    Our program is designed to assist students in earning a high school diploma, developing vocational skills, and providing an opportunity for personal growth. The program is designed to allow the opportunity to make up academic deficiencies and provide the student with a smaller learning environment.  We have a 22 to 1 student-teacher ratio.


    At Robertson, a student can complete classes in an accelerated manner, earning more than 80 credits per year.  We encourage students to take additional coursework either on campus, at ROP, or adult school.


    Robertson has much to offer, and we are confident that you will find success here. An important objective of Robertson High School is to assist students in better understanding their personal needs, especially as they relate to their goals in life.


    Students are encouraged to work on the following areas as they attend Robertson High School:

    • build academic knowledge
    • develop a positive attitude
    • improve basic skills
    • establish goals for future

    Who attends Robertson High School?

    The student body consists of young people, who because of unusual responsibilities or personal problems, find that the alternative school program more effectively meets their needs.  Teen parents who prefer being close to their children's daycare also attend Robertson.


    How do I enroll at Robertson High School?

    Students are eligible to transfer voluntarily to Robertson High School from any of the six comprehensive high schools through the following procedure:

    • Student must be 16 years old.
    • A referral form is completed and signed by an administrator from the student's home school.
    • The parent must also sign the form.
    • Supporting information must be attached to the referral form such as transcript, attendance record and behavioral record.
    • The student and a parent/guardian must attend a Robertson orientation prior to attending classes.

    How is Robertson different?

    Robertson High School offers an alternative to the traditional high school environment. Robertson offers a small school environment, with a small teacher/student ratio of 22:1.  Robertson offers an accelerated pace to complete courses.  Students can finish 16 classes per year, and even more if they take a zero period class.


    What are the Graduation requirements for Robertson High School?

    The Robertson High School graduation requirements consist of successful completion of 200 high school credits and the necessary service learning hours (10 per school year). The mandatory core curriculum classes that must be completed are identical to the comprehensive high school with exception of 30 elective credits and/or the required service learning hours.

    English 40 credits
    Math 30 credits
    Social Studies 30 credits
    Science 20 credits
    P.E. 20 credits
    Fine Arts 10 credits
    Health   5 credits
    Computer Operations   5 credits
    Electives 40 credits


    A graduation ceremony from Robertson High School is held every June at the Robertson campus.