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    Email Address: dbega@fremont.k12.ca.us
    Phone number: 510-657-4070 ext. 27400

    Welcome to my web pages. The calendar for classes are on the page links to the left.
    Colleges / Universities
    Ohlone Jr. College
    California State Hayward
    National University
    B.S. Biology
    M.S. Educational Technology
    Subjects Taught
    AP Physics 1
    Physics in the Universe
    AP Biology
    Living Earth
    Extra Curricular
    Science Department Chair
    At Kennedy Since:
    1974 - 1978 Student
    1985 - Present Teacher
    Favorite Quote:
    Don't let authority be your proof, let proof be your authority.
    Dan Bega
    Dan Bega (Science Dept. Chair)



    Block 1 Chemistry
    Block 2 Physics in the Universe
    Block 3 Physics in the Universe E 
    Instructional Focus  
    Block 4 AP Physics 1