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    Al McGaughey's Page

    Email Address: almcg2@yahoo.com
    (I prefer this one to the school address but either one is ok with me)
    Phone number: (510) 364-7827(cell)
                           (510) 657- 4070 ext 27410 (class room)
    Best time to call: Anytime - leave messsage

    Southern Oregon State University (undergraduate) University of Oregon (graduate)

    Undergrad - Bachelors of Science in Psychology (1973)
    Graduate School - Masters of Science in Education (1976), Specializing in severe behavioral, emotional, physical handicaps as well as learning disabilities.

    Subjects taught:
    Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies,
    Computer Operations, Health

    Extra Curricular:
    Cross Country Head Coach
    Track and Field Head Coach
    Advisor Kennedy Guitar Club
    Martial Arts School Owner/Instructor

    At Kennedy since: 2002

    Favorite Quotes: "Winners do what losers don't want to." (author unknown)


    Block 1 Special Education- Room 410
    Block 2 Special Education- Room 410
    Block 3 Special Education- Room 410
    Block 4 Math/English CAHSEE Prep - General ED- Room 410