What is Service Learning? 
    Service Learning is a teaching and learning strategy. It is more than simply community service.  Service-learning connects the act of service with rigorous preparation and reflection. The act of service becomes a tool for learning. Service-learning is hands-on, experiential, authentic learning. Service-learning also gives students a chance to make a positive contribution in their community. Teachers throughout Fremont are beginning to integrate service-learning into their classrooms. 
    The Service Graduation Requirement:
    All Fremont Unified School District high school students need to complete 40 hours of service between 9th and 12th grades in order to graduate. We recommend that students start earning hours during their freshman year but they CAN NOT earn hours before the first day of their freshman year.  Students can earn hours through school projects or through an approved non-profit organization.  
    Please see Mrs. Clark in Room 114 or email her at dclark@fremont.k12.ca.us,  if you have questions.
     SERVICE LEARNING FORM Please check your school loop email for the most update opportunities.
    Current Service Learning Opportunities Available below and check your school loop regularly for the most current updates and opportunities.
     (other non-profits are acceptable), Please see Mrs. Clark before doing your hours for other non-profits and remember to read the District policies.  They can be open by clicking on "District Policies" to the left.  


     Walden West Outdoor School
    Each week is available during the school year, Read below for Qualifications and Requirement BEFORE applying on line at www.waldenwest.org  

    Cabin Leaders have a chance to be a part of campers’ life-long memories while meeting other cabin leaders and working closely with our staff.  In addition to the fun and rewarding work, volunteers will gain the following:

    • Earn up to 100 hours of community service (only 40 hours will be recorded for FUSD)
    • An evaluation that can be used in applying for college/jobs
    • Presidential Award of Service 
    • Leadership/mentoring skills
    • Experience working with children 
    • Environmental awareness


    Cabin Leaders will spend the week with a group of 5th/6th grade students at Walden West. They will assist and participate in all camp activities.  Cabin leaders are required to stay overnight in cabins with students and hike on-trail with trail groups. Training and support will be provided. Volunteers must be:

    • min.15 years old
    • Positive, mature role models
    • Meet their 2.5 GPA and passing EVERY class to volunteer (GPA, attendance,..)
    • Enjoy working with kids
    • Flexible/willing to adapt to program needs


    To ensure the safety of everyone on our campus, including volunteers, the following must be completed to serve as a cabin leader:

    • Volunteer Registration Packet
    • Cabin Leader Training (starting 3pm, the day before your scheduled week)
    • Live Scan fingerprinting if 18 or older (schedule appointment at least two weeks prior to scheduled volunteer week, information in registration packet, paid for by the camp)
    • TB Risk Assessment Form if 18 or older and NOT enrolled in high school (information in registration packet)



    Join us to have fun in sports, art activities, and cooking class
    Serve as a tutor with homework assistance for students grade 3rd thru 6th.
    This after school program runs Monday thru Thursday 3:00-6:00 pm 
    If you are interested stop by Brier Elementary and ask for Mrs. Rodriguez or call 510.6481263 from 3:00 pm to 6 :00 pm Monday Thru Thurs. 

     The Discovery Shop:  Volunteers needed.  Click here for more info
    Monday - Thurs. 5 pm to 7:30 pm and Fridays from 3:30 to 5:30 pm. 
    If you are interested email Jorge Lagos | Manager, Discovery Shops at jorge.lagos@cancer.org or call 510.252.1540



    The Native American Studies Program (starting the middle of October) is seeking community service volunteers to assist with our after school tutoring program and other various duties this school year.  
    We are a FUSD program under the Department of Federal and State Programs and have many different opportunities for high school students to fulfill their service learning hours requirement.  
    location: Fremont Adult School, room 20, from 1:30 to 5;30 on Tuesday-Thursday. Please see CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS


    Newark Library
    needs teen volunteers for the Reading Buddies reading program:
    “Do you need service learning hours?  Newark Library has three different volunteer opportunities for you: Reading Buddies – where you work one-on-one to improve an elementary-aged child’s reading, Homework Express, where you work in small groups with elementary-aged kids on their homework, and shelving, where you help to organize and put away library books and DVDs.  If you’re interested, you can go to the library’s website, visit Ms. Clark, or go into the library.  All of these have applications that need to be turned in ASAP.  Thanks for your interest.” 
    Shelving:   APPLICATION 
    Reading Buddies is a one-on-one reading improvement program for children in grades 1-6. In a group setting, a child and their assigned volunteer helper meet at a scheduled time every week to improve reading. Each reading session is 30 minutes in length and there is a 15-minute break between the sessions.
    Current Schedule: Wednesdays and Fridays, 3:30-4:00 P.M., 4:15-4:45 P.M., 5:00-5:30 P.M., Check-ins start 5 minutes before each reading session. You may volunteer for up to 3 reading sessions each day.  Please open and read: MORE INFORMATION 
    Homework Express is a free after school program where students in grades K - 6 can get help with their homework questions. It is staffed by an adult coordinator and high school students, who are the homework helpers. It is done on a drop-in basis.
    Current Schedule: Tuesdays-Thursdays, 3:30-5:30PM. Closed for holidays and teacher workdays. Check-ins start 5 minutes before each session. Please open and read: MORE INFORMATION 

    Bay Area Child Care Centers at Steven Millard Elementary or 5 other locations in Fremont
    Become a volunteer at Bay Area Child Care Centers and earn service hours at the same time!
    Volunteer opportunities available Monday – Friday 7:00-6:00, Wednesday 1:15-6:00
    Assist students’ kindergarten – sixth grade during Homework Club.
    Volunteer during arts/crafts, assisting students to express themselves through various art materials.
    Organize and facilitate outdoor games with students. Assist students to socialize in a wide array of after school activities.
    • Please contact Lisa for further information at:  510-683-8810


     Fremont Library Advisory Commission: Youth Commissioner

    The Fremont Library Advisory Commission consists of 9 members appointed by the Fremont City Council, each to four-year terms. The Commission was established by the City in 1982 to advise the Council and the Manager of the Fremont Libraries on library facilities and services in Fremont.

    Commissioners study, report, and make recommendations to the Fremont Library staff, Fremont City Council, and/or the Alameda County Library Advisory Commission on library services in Fremont, advise the Librarian and the City Council on development and operation of library facilities in Fremont. Commissioners also act as advocates for library services within the community.

    If you have questions please see Mrs. Clark in room 114

     Alameda County Library Foundation (ACLF) 
    All grades are welcome and includes summer time opportunities.  Times are 2 to 3 hours per week between Monday and Thursdays  from 3 to 5:30.  Please down load the flyer and application.  or go to http://aclf.org/volunteer.html  If you have question please contact Mrs. Clark in room 114. 


       A program called Tennis SERVES (click on name for link)A national, student run organization that teaches tennis to the visually impaired at The School of the Blind. NO training or experience needed.Time Tues. from 3:15 to 4:30. See Mrs. Clark or www.tennisserves.org for more details.

    YMCA CAMP CAMPBELL OUTDOOR SCIENCE SCHOOL and there wilderness camps
    1. ALL PAPER WORK MUST BE IN A WEEK BEFORE GOING.  ALSO, You must have a 2.5 and PASS ALL classes and have good attendance! ...NO EXCEPTS
    2. REMINDER!  if a student goes to camp during school, the student will receive 40 hours NOT the full 87.  (deduction for missing school)
    • Earn Service Learning credit to graduate.
    • Impact children’s lives in a positive and effective way.
    • Spend some quality time away from home.
    • Learn to be a leader and be a positive role model for kids.
    • Meet new people your age with similar interests.
    • Enjoy the beauty of the Santa Cruz Mountains.

    YMCA Camp Campbell Outdoor Science School is looking for volunteer cabin leaders to assist our staff of credentialed teachers in educating 5th & 6th grade students.

    You must be at least a sophomore in high school and have the written permission of your parents and teachers (if under 18) to attend – if you are interested, visit www.tinyurl.com/cabinleader to apply. 

    Be a hospice volunteer. (click on volunteer for more info)  


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