• ELD1 Class Information

    Mr. Zeljak –English Language Development 2017/2018 –Room P-5


    Course Description:

    10 units/year English credits and 10 units/year elective credits.

    This course is a 2 period block which focuses on the acquisition of fluency

    in English through the integration of listening, speaking, reading, and

    writing.  As this is an introductory course, students will develop “survival

    skills” necessary for participation in the school and community, including

    exposure to U.S. customs and traditions.  Listening and speaking skills are

    developed in a student-centered, interactive approach.  Reading skills

    include the development of vocabulary and comprehension in a literature-

    based program.  Writing skills include sentence and paragraph forms, usage,

    and spelling.  Students enrolled in this block should also be enrolled in

    the “Connections” class.



    The most important thing to remember is RESPECT:

    1.      Your Teacher

    2.      Yourself.  Have confidence in your opinions and abilities.

    3.      One Another, both in words and actions.

    4.      The classroom.  Do not draw on your desk, the walls, or books

    belonging to the school.  No one leaves until the room is clean, so make sure

    you keep it clean.



    Be on time every day.  After three tardies, you will receive detentions.


    Be prepared with your supplies, books and homework EVERYDAY.


    Do your work all period and wait for me to dismiss you.  I dismiss you, the

    bell does not.


    Drinks and water are OK. Keep the room clean.


    1 person to the bathroom at a time.


    During class discussions raise your hand and wait to be called on by the

    teacher before answering.



    1st time – warning

    2nd time – after school detention

    3rd time – RC



    Supplies needed:

           Pen, pencil, paper (personal markers or colored pencils are nice)

           Class textbook



    100% – 90% = A

      89% – 80% = B

      79% – 70% = C

      69% – 60% = Incomplete  (You may be eligible for a contract. Details soon.)

      59% and below = NC (No Credit)


    Your grade is divided into three categories: Homework (45%), Tests (45%) and

    the Final (10%).  Homework grades include homework, classwork, participation,

    class journals, etc.  Tests are essays, projects, presentations, tests, and

    quizzes.  You will have many opportunities to prove your

    competence/excellence in these areas.


    Absence and Late Work Policies:

    It is important for you to be in class.  Work assigned

    before your absence is due on the day of your return.  Work assigned during

    your absence will have its due date extended for a time equal to your

    absence. If you must be absent, let me know so you can make up work you will

    miss.  An absence is NOT an excuse to miss an assignment.


    Homework Assignments may be turned in one day late for half credit.  After

    that, you may turn in late assignments ONLY within the unit for credit.  You

    may NOT turn in homework assignments after we have moved on to another book or



    Test Grades – Turn in the project/paper two days before it’s due for 5%

    extra credit; one day early will earn you a 3% bonus.  You will lose 10% for

    each day an assessment assignment is late.  If you are absent on a due date,

    please send your brilliantly prepared work with a friend, parent, or turn it

    in ahead of time.


    Quizzes – You may make up missed quizzes during tutorial (Wed. or Thur.) of

    that week.  After that, it’s a zero.



    I have read this class policy and will call you at school, 656 – 5711 ext.

    46309 if I have any questions or concerns.  I understand that my student is

    responsible for abiding by these guidelines for behavior and will encourage

    him/her to do so.


    Student Signature: _________________________


    Parent/ Guardian Signature(s): _______________________________________


    E-mail:  mzeljak@fremont.k12.ca.us

    Grades will be on: http:www.irvington.org/schoolloop
    Assignments will be described on: http://www.fmtusd.org/Page/9324