• Dear Ardenwood Families,  

    We are through with SBAC testing and look forward to our results!  Thank you, parents for your support.  You should receive results sometime this summer. We look forward to seeing how well we made progress.
    It is time to vote for our parents for next year’s School Site Council!  We have 5 parents who are running for the 5 positions. Please vote by completing the attached ballot and returning it to school by next Friday, June 3rd.   Thank you for your assistance!
    The California Math Council came for a Math Festival on Monday, May 23rd.  It was a huge success and we thank all the parents who spent the day volunteering to assist with the various math activities!  Over 175 people showed up in the evening so that was a huge success, too!
    Field Day is next Thursday, June 2 for grades 1-6 and Friday, June 3rd for kindergarten.  We need parents to volunteer to run the stations.  Please return the Field Day slip by Tuesday!  Thank you in advance!  
    Congratulations for our wonderful 6th grade students who are preparing for the 6th Grade Promotion!  It has been a wonderful experience working with them.  They are bright, creative, a bit mischievous, but full of fun!
    We wish them great success as they move on to junior high.  Remember to practice the 8 Great Traits! And come back to share your stories with us!

    Jennifer Casey



Last Modified on May 27, 2016