• In the event of a campuswide emergency, Irvington Staff will do its best to keep you informed via irvington.org. It will include information related to emergency procedures and policies. Consequently, there is no need to sign up for email notification.

    To ensure information reliability and security, all non-sensitive information will be posted in real-time on the emergency page on the district website.

    As a general rule for all safety-related emergencies, please follow these guidelines to ensure your safety and that of your children and the community:

    1. First and foremost, your children are SAFE. Teachers have locked all students inside to continue their safety.
    2. Stay away from the Irvington campus. You are endangering yourself as well as your child and their classmates.
    3. If you wish to come near Irvington High School, we ask that you meet at Wally Pond Community Center across the street, or in more severe situations, that you meet at the District Board Room at the Fremont Unified District office. Click here for a map of these locations.
    4. Do NOT call your child, Irvington, or the Fremont Police Department. We need to keep the phone lines open so officials from both locations can continue communication by eliminating additional phone useage.
    5. More information will be posted to the district emergency website as it becomes available.

    211 is to Critical Social Services as 911 is to Emergency Services
    211 reference website
    What is 211? [powerpoint]

Last Modified on January 14, 2009