• Wishlist from Our Irvington Staff 

    Our library would be extremely grateful for donations of: tissues, printer paper, staples and paperclips, 3x5 index cards, scotch tape, magazines with content appropriate for high school, fiction books at your students' level (gently used is OK) or new nonfiction books. We regret that we cannot accept donations of nonfiction older than 5 years, fiction for students younger than grade 9, or books with highlighting, writing in them, or damage. 

    Large Screen Monitors/TVs: If you have large screen TVs (even the older plasma TVs) that are 42" or bigger that you are willing to donate to our school, we can begin replacing the old and bulky CRT TVs in our classrooms. All but 2 of our classrooms are still using these old and small size TVs to show videos to students. We have donated mobile carts that we can use to mount any donated large screen TVs. We can also schedule pickups if needed.

    Looking for professionals in Science, Health, Medicine, Technology, Engineering, Programming, Graphic Arts, and Video Production/Editing, to provide special guest speakers and/or tours of their companies to our academies:

    Contact info:

    ITA (Information Technology Academy) - Hector Albizo
    NMAA (New Multimedia Arts Academy) - Shiloh Burton 
    SHAPE (Science, Health, Athletics, and Physical Education) Academy - Kathleen Kammerer