• Welcome to the Health Department!

    Health is a required class for graduation at Irvington High School. It is a semester course that will either be completed in the Fall or Spring semesters, and is paired up with an elective course.
    Health has two wonderful teachers: Mrs. Gavin, located in room 15, and Ms. Ryan, located in room 201. 
    Mrs. Gavin 
    510-656-5711 ext 46417
    Mrs. Gavin's Website:
    Ms. Ryan
    Department Chair
    510-656-5711 ext 46339
    Ms. Ryan's Website:
    Course Description: Health is a one-semester course designed to complete the health and safety requirements for graduation. This course, required for ninth-grade students, focuses on the following topics: Sex and Health Education, HIV/AIDS Education, nutrition, mental health, drug use and abuse, sexually transmitted diseases, emergency First-aid, diseases, and disorders.

    Mission: The mission of the FUSD Health Department is to provide each student with a diverse education in a safe, supportive environment that promotes self-discipline, motivation, and commitment to life-long learning.  Our Health Team works in conjunction with parents and the local community to assist students in developing the knowledge and skills to become career and college ready graduates. Our goal is for students to become contributing and productive members of society.  We are dedicated to establishing and maintaining an environment promoting general health and well-being through information, activities and services designed to support healthy lifestyle choices.

    Teacher's Schedule


    Period 1Gavin, Ryan
    Period 2
    Gavin,  Ryan

    Period 3Gavin, (Ryan Prep)
    Period 4Gavin, Ryan
    Period 5
    Gavin, Ryan
    Period 6
    Ryan (Gavin Prep)


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