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    Email Address: rpadron@fremont.k12.ca.us
    Phone number: 656-4000 ext 48013
    Best time to call: after 2:18 p.m.

    Dear Parents,
      Thank you for your donations, the Science Teachers at Horner Jr. High, appreciate your help and generosity.  We hope to meet your level of expectations as we strive to provide the best education our child deserves.  I will be sending your donation receipts today with your son or daughter.  Thank you, Mr. Padron.

    Parents and Guardians,
      Please be informed that homework is posted in the classroom for students to see everyday.  I have students produce a "Cover Sheet" that allows them to check-off work that needs to be submitted.  I attempt to maintain the website for student convenience aswell.
    Some assignments are to be done in class only.  Students are informed of what assignments are allowed to be done in class time only.  Please encourage the student to complete the class work since a copy of the assignment will not be sent home.  The student will be graded on the amount completed in class, based on the alloted time and time on task.  Thank you.
     Nightmare on Puberty Street web link:
    Dear Parents,
      We will present the FLASH Curriculum on a pending date, at which point you will have access to the lessons we will be presenting.  You can also find part of the mandated curriculum in the textbook.
      The FLASH curriculum will be taught in 7th grade from May7th-25, and 8th grade will follow from May 26 until June 17th.  Thank you. 
    Estimados Padres,
       El plan de estudios de FLASH sera ensenhado para 7o grado de mayo 7 al 25, y despues 8o grado continuara su plan de mayo 26 para terminar el 17 de junio.  Gracias por su atencion.
    Dear Parents,
      I am glad to inform you that I will be posting grades Online.  Although the program is of inconvenience in comparison to previous grade programs that I have consulted, I opted to use the current one since I can communicate your child's progress via the Internet.  Please call the office to inform yourselves as to how to obtain your password to i-parent.  As a disclaimer, I must inform you that the program is not perfect to what I am accustomed to, therefore if you have any questions or concerns I am more than happy to work at meeting your needs.  Thank you, Mr. Padron.
    Estimados Padres,
      Me da placer informarles que las calificaciones de sus hijas/os esta disponible dentro del Internet.  El programa que se esta utilizando no es lo mas perfecto, pero me da la satisfaccion de saber que usted tiene accesso al progresso academico de su hija/o.  Por favor de informarse a la oficina como adquirir accesso al progresso por el Internet.  Muchas gracias por su atencion, Maestro Padron.




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