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     Hello! Weclome to a brand new school year. Hopefully you guys are as excited as I am to begin the year! Your minds have been refreshed with this nice long summer break. Come ready to learn!
    Parents: This is for you guys. Fremont Unified has introduced a new school website to make stuff easier for both teachers and parents. All my information when it comes to my class will be on this website. You will need to register. If you send me an email asking me a question I will refer to this link. The link to the website is
    Let me give you some information about myself and my class. Feel free to explore the site.
    This is my sixth year at Horner and my goal is to get your child interested in history. I also teach leadership and coach both the girls and boys basketball teams. I graduated from the University of Arizona and grew up in Pleasanton.
    I'm also a huge sports fan. Go Giants Sharks, Wildcats and 49ers!!!!


    Period 17th World History
    Period 27th World History
    Period 37th World History
    Period 4
    Period 57th Grade History  
    Period 6Prep