Principal Mrs. Holmes

    Mrs. Holmes is pleased to return to Horner Junior High School for the 2018- 2019 school year.  
    What is your background in Education?
    I am honored to be the Principal of Horner Junior High School.  I have a diverse background in secondary education, which includes teaching, counseling and administrative experience at the junior high and high school level. I earned my B.A. in English from  UC Davis and followed with a teaching credential from Cal State East Bay.  While teaching high school English, I completed a Masters Degree in Education at Seattle Pacific University. I have over twenty years of experience in Education. 
     How long have you been with FUSD? 
    I joined FUSD in 2004, where I taught English at John F Kennedy High School.  I went on to work as a junior high and high school counselor, and and an Assistant Principal at the junior and high school levels. 
     What is your philosophy concerning education?  
    I believe that if students are to excel, they need to feel connected to the teachers and staff.  As we know, the junior high years can be challenging as well as exciting, and we need to provide students with an education that is relevant, engaging and meaningful.  In this way, we will provide a solid foundation for high school and beyond.  
    What can Horner students/families expect this year?
    My goal is for school to be a place where students feel safe and know that they matter.  We have an exciting Think Kindness assembly to start the year, along with a service learning project.  Our goal is to create a safe place for students to contribute postively and be challenged academically.  
    Anything else you would like the Horner community to know about you? 
    When I'm not at work,  I enjoy reading, walking my energetic Jack Russell Terrier and spending time with my family. 
    Please don't hesitate to contact me throughout the year with any questions, concerns or feedback.
    Mrs.Holmes, Principal 
    (510) 656-4000 



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