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    2012-2013 Horner Jr. High Math Club Constitution

    Name: HJHS Math Club

    Officers: Co-Presidents: 

    : The club competes in competitions and has math-themed occasions.  Students who join the HJHS Math Club will have a chance to improve their problem-solving skills, to become able to combat and correctly answer challenging math questions, to learn more about more advanced math concepts, and to gain a higher level of critical thinking.

    Rules:  1. Be Respectful to yourself and others
               2. Do not talk without permission
               3. Do not engage in horseplay
               4. Keep your hands to yourself
               5. Do not steal
               6. Return the room in its original order after a meeting
               7. Have fun!

    Meetings: HJHS Math Club meets onThursdays at lunch.  Meetings can be canceled or added if necessary(decided by the supervisor and the officers).

    Elections:  Elections are held yearly near the beginning of the school year.  Terms of all officres (except supervisor) last until the end of the school year in which the officer was elected.

    Amendments:  All changes or amendments to this constitution shall be allowed only if 5 or more officers and 2/3 or more of the club present on the date of the meeting scheduling such a change.

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Last Modified on September 2, 2012