• Welcome to the Fremont Adult School Distance Learning Program!


    F.A.C.E. Distance Learning Program 
    Distance Learning Facilitator: Pamela Weiss Barr
    Email: pweissbarr@fremont.k12.ca.us
    Phone: 510-793-4597

    Room 3 ♦♦♦ Registration and Orientation for ♦♦♦ Room3
    Distance Learning

    Dec. 11 at noon
    Dec. 12 at 6 pm

     It costs $20 to register - When a student completes a class he/she gets a refund.  These classes, taught through the FACE distance Learning Program help students learn new vocabulary, improve pronunciation, and learn job skills.

    Burlington English still has seats available.  Students need to come to office hours to get an orientation.  Students can continue to improve their English skills over winter break if they enroll.  Distance Learning Office Hours


    The Distance Learning Program is available to ESL students who are unable to attend regular classes offered at the school. The program can also be accessed by students who desire supplemental ESL Curriculum to study at their own pace.

    We offer a variety of materials at all ESL Levels. We have ESL workbooks, DVDs, CDs and online courses for every level - Beginning to Advanced ESL.
    Students can practice grammar, listening, speaking, reading, & writing.
    The program offers workplace fluency and life skills materials that can help students reach their  language goals.
    Students must make appointments during Distance Learning Office Hours to meet with a teacher 2-4 times a month to check progress, take quizzes and take the CASAS TESTS.   

    Visit our "frequently asked questions" FAQs for more information!

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