Lisa Blizel
    Library Media Tech.
    Email Address: lblizel@fremont.k12.ca.us Warm Springs School Library, Fremont, CA
    Phone/voicemail (510)656-1611 x45115
    Help us be #1 in California in the Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge. You can log in at www.scholastic.com/summer.
    Make sure you are linked to Warm Springs School so we get credited for your minutes.

       Search our collection online Search for books using our district web search. Click on the link for the web page, then choose our school to search for books in our library.

     Alameda County Library System  Connects to the Alameda County LibraryWeb page.


     ALL students may check out 3 books every week. Books are checked out for a 1 week loan period. Ask your child what day their class visits the library, and remind them to return their books on time. Books are due the day before their library day. Renews may be kept until library day. Check outs begin Sept. 12, 2016.
     Please help your child to remember when books are due, otherwise they will not be able to check out more books until the books are returned. Bills are processed for any books out for more than a month. Prices are set by the district.

    Scholastic Book Fair  - Next fair will be in Nov. 3-11, 2017. Volunteers Welcome!

    We are always in need of volunteers to help shelve the hundreds of books that are returned each week. Additional help is needed repairing books and covering paperbacks. Book fairs are a great time to help the library for a short term basis. Volunteers are encouraged to just drop in and say "how can I help?"

Last Modified on June 13, 2017