• Next Upcoming Event: Elections
    Please see the nomination slate for next year. Elections to be held on May 29, 2018 in WS Multi Purpose Room.
    Board Positions - Elections required   Suggested Nominee
    President   June Chang/junechang3@yahoo.com/650-7877982
    1st Vice President of Membership   Feng Lu / feng.flu@gmail.com / 669-243-5026
    2nd VICE PRESIDENT of Programs    
    Treasurer   Ramya Ramamurthy - ramya.rr@gmail.com
    Financial Secretary   Phanisree Marella/ phanisree212@gmail.com 408-391-5974
    Committee or Program positions - No elections needed
      Interested / contact info
    Co-chair of Programs    
    Head Room Parent    
    Taxes   Suman Maheshwari - sumanbhutra@yahoo.com
    Corporate Matching   Baskar Vangili / vangilibaskar@yahoo.com 408-931-4477
    Library   Lee Lian Tan / leeliantan@gmail.com. 408-338-9401
    Copy Angels   Krithika Ramsunda / krithikarams@gmail.com
    Disaster Preparedness   dr.dhanashri@gmail.com / 650-215-3058
    Box Tops    
    Communications   Malti Gursahani
    Webmaster   Carisa Schirmer - CarisaASchirmer@gmail.com
    Parliamentarian   Karna Redman/karna@webfeather.com
    Fall Stampede   Brandon Hayward
    Reflections   Toral Kale
    Warm Springs PTA
    The mission of the PTA is to provide information and support, to enrich and benefit all children at Warm Springs Elementary school, in accordance with the educational goals set forth by our school staff.


    Be a part of making our students successful!  Become a member and help us make great things happen at Warm Springs  Elementary. [Adult] members of the PTA have voting rights to help direct where funds will make the most difference for the school. Working together, parents and teachers can make a huge difference. 

    Next Warm Springs PTA Association Meeting
    February 20, 2018

    Thank you for your generous support -- both funding and volunteer hours!
    Please write to: wsptaboard@googlegroups.com 
    This is an extracurricular organization web page. Opinions expressed on this page shall not be attributed to the District.
Last Modified on May 1, 2018