• Warm Springs PTA
    The mission of the PTA is to provide information and support, to enrich and benefit all children at Warm Springs Elementary school, in accordance with the educational goals set forth by our school staff.


    Be a part of making our students successful!  Become a member and help us make great things happen at Warm Springs  Elementary. [Adult] members of the PTA have voting rights to help direct where funds will make the most difference for the school. Working together, parents and teachers can make a huge difference. 

    Next Warm Springs PTA Association Meeting March 14, 2017
                      Election Time! Come vote and elect your PTA for next year

    Thank you for your generous support -- both funding and volunteer hours!

    Click the link above to access the meeting calendar, or see Meetings & Events Page. For general questions related to PTA, please contact our Board Members directly, by sending us an email to forward to a specific committee chair.For more information about the WS PTA, please click the PTA links from the PTA tab drop down menu. 

    Volunteer Search:
    Warm Springs Elementary Parents and Family Members,
    Would you like to make a difference in your child's education and get more involved in what's happening at the school? Do you believe you have what it takes to become involved as a volunteer?
    Look no further than WARM SPRINGS PTA !
    Warm Springs PTA is in need of volunteer candidates to fill its Board for next school year (2015-2016).
    Warm Springs PTA (WSPTA) works as a support organization to serve Warm Springs School and its community.  PLEASE consider serving this school community by volunteering for a PTA board position.  Each position is a ONE-YEAR term (July 1st – June 30th) and is listed below along with further information.  If you are interested in exploring the possibility of serving in any of these capacities, feel free to contact any member of the WSPTA. 
    Current Open Position:  Parliamentarian
    Shenoy Karkala, shenoyk@gmail.com OR contact any PTA Board Member at Warm Spring Elementary School Campus. 
    Please write to: wsptaboard@googlegroups.com 

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