• TrafficRules
    For the safety of our children, please follow these simple traffic rules:
    • Cars coming from Mowry must use the Mowry Loop, and must turn left back towards Mowry
    • Cars coming from Paseo Padre must use the Office Loop, and must turn right back towards Paseo Padre
    • Do not let your child out of the car without a Junior Safety Patrol or adult supervisor to help
    • Do have your child ready to exit your vehicle as quickly as possible
    • Do not store backpacks in trunk as this slows down traffic
    • Be patient and courteous when using the traffic loops
    • Respect the student and parent volunteers who are directing traffic -- they are giving some of their valuable time in order to help get your child to school safely
    • Do not talk on your cellphone while in the traffic loops
    • Parents of students in grades 4-6 cannot block the pickup area during the 1-3 grade dismissal
    • If you are interested in helping the Junior Safety Patrol program as an adult supervisor, please ask your child's teacher for more information

    Thank you for your part in keeping Parkmont a safe school.