• Parkmont is a wonderfully diverse school with an active and supportive parent community. There are 864 students in grades K-6th with 30 classroom teachers. Grades 4-6th have PE with a PE teacher, and the classroom teachers in K-3 provide the PE instruction for their students. The school has a computer lab and science lab that is used by the classroom teachers with support from many parents. The library media center is open three days a week due to recent budget cuts.

    Parkmont provides many learning opportunities to students including:

    • Student Council for students in 3-6th grade
    •  Chorus for students in 3-6th grade
    •  Beginning and Intermediate After-School Band, paid entirely by Fremont Education Foundation, for students in grades 4-8th
    • The Eco Club, an after-school club to develop projects to make Parkmont green, for students in 3-6th grade
    • Basketball team, by try-outs, for girls and boys in 4-6th

    Parkmont students strive for high academic achievement and are supported by credentialed staff, ongoing interventions, as well as enrichment programs. To ensure all students are having every opportunity to be successful, there is a Credentialed teacher providing support in language arts and math two days a week, and there are after school intervention classes and homework tutoring classes. Students who continue to struggle academically are referred to the Students Study Team to look for further support. Youth and Family Services Intern Counselor provide service to students two days a week.

    Parkmont students show pride in their school by working hard academically and taking care of their school. The character education program, Heart, Head, and Hands, is implemented throughout the school. Parkmont is truly a caring, learning community.