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Parent/Student COVID-19 Protocols


Families must consult the home-based COVID-19: Daily Screening | Examen de salud diario de | 每日健康筛查 prior to arrival to school each day. DO NOT print and bring in the form, just check for symptoms. If a child or family member is exhibiting any of the symptoms please stay home.

Please Note: Each School will have specific SAFETY Name of School Protocols (Google Drive Folder) posted on individual school home pages that include particular Arrival, Movement within the school and Dismissal guidance.

COVID-19 Flowchart for Parents

Use these charts if student has symptoms of COVID-19 or was exposed to COVID-19 (Vaccinated or Unvaccinated)

COVID-19 Flowchart for Parents | Diagrama de Flujo COVID-19 para Padres | 面向家长的2019冠状病毒病应对流程图 | فلوچارت

Modified & Shortened Quarantine

Use these to understand Modified & Shortened Quarantine Protocols

Modified & Shortened QuarantineCuarentena Modificada y Reducida改良和缩短的检疫隔离