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COVID-19 SAFETY PLAN (CSP) & Cal/OSHA Prevention Program (CPP)

The publication of this plan does not indicate any definitive determination if/when FUSD will return students and staff to campus. This only reflects the protocols and process we will use to mitigate the impacts of COVID-19 in a return to campus.

A Summary of Safety Plans, Protocols, and Related Documents for Returning Students and Staff to In-Person Instruction    
FUSD is continuing to plan for a safe return to campus for in-person instruction. We are  publishing the FUSD COVID-19 Safety Plan (CSP) & Cal/OSHA Prevention Program (CPP). This document is aligned with local and state health and safety protocols and will be one important tool, among many, to help create the right conditions for a safe return to campus. 

The posting of this plan does not dictate any specific return to campus timeline or date of return. 

This plan is posted and available for your review and we’d love to hear from you and get your feedback prior to the plan being approved by the Board of Education and prior to any formal submission to state and local agencies. With frequently changing regulations, this will certainly be a document that is updated regularly, and your contributions will be an important part of that process.     



As we gather information and opinions from students, families and staff, they will be shared here for the community, as well as provided to District staff and the Board of Education.