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Change of Residency

Per Board Policy any parent/guardian of a student enrolled in the District shall notify the District prior to or within five (5) days of any change in circumstance and/or a move which would affect their student’s residency (AR 5111.1)

Please complete and email the Change of Address Form with 2 proofs of new address residency to your
current school staff using the Contacts by School grid below. Please use "Change of Address - Student's Name" in the subject line of the email.

Examples of Proofs of Residency to Complete a Change of Residency

Evidence of Fremont residency may be established by documentation showing the name and address of the parent/guardian. Select two (2) of any of the following current documents (within the last 45 days) Education Code 48204.1

  1. Current property tax statement, current mortgage statement or final close of escrow letter
  2. Rental property contract, lease, or payment receipt;
  3. Current utility service contract, statement, or payment receipt;
  4. Pay stub;
  5. Voter registration;
  6. Car registration;
  7. Correspondence from a government agency;
Change of Residency Contacts by School
School Contact Email
American High Sri Yeung
Ardenwood Carla Leon
Azevada Frances Herup
Blacow Lisa James
Brier Laura Acero
Brookvale Lena Anderson
Cabrillo Kathy Sandoval
Centerville Jr High Marlene Martin
Chadbourne Trudy Wentworth
Durham Ceina Thomas
Forest Park Lisa Sutton
Glankler Shobha Master
Glenmoor Teri Askew
Gomes Contiza Collantes
Green Penny Martinez
Grimmer Kathy Mitchell
Hirsch LeAnne Kodama
Hopkins Jr High Sonja Loob
Horner Middle Linda Pricer
Irvington High Lashaunta Payne
Kennedy High Melissa Espinoza
Leitch Kristela Gonzalez
Maloney Paola Betancourt de Ortiz
Mattos Jennifer Ochoa-Rodriguez
Millard Angie Yee
Mission San Jose Elementary Shanthika Sukumar
Mission San Jose High  Wei Leng Ng
Mission Valley Christina Flores
Niles Jan Sparks
Oliveira Anne Damron
Parkmont Paulina Sanchez
Patterson Jillian Van Luchem
Robertson High Sarah Wilson
Thornton Jr Andrea Wagoner
Vallejo Mill Lidia Duenas
Walters Middle Malise Bullock
Warm Springs Kathy Forrest
Warwick Kelly Lopez
Washington High Jennifer Hardy
Weibel Dora Vasquez
Residency Tip Line

Fremont Unified School District is committed to providing high quality education to all Fremont residents. In order to ensure that all FUSD students can attend the school closest to their place of residence, FUSD closely examines all forms of residency verification. When needed, an investigation will be conducted to guarantee the authenticity of student residency. View ANONYMOUS Residency Reporting for steps you may undertake if you believe someone is falsifying student residency.