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    Our Mission as a Brookvale Professional Learning Community is to work together to provide a challenging, engaging and supportive environment where every student is independently successful.  Through collaborative efforts and our analysis of data, teachers will develop learning targets that promote rigorous and relevant lessons in order to improve student achievement.

    Mission acronym:


    Rigorous and relevant lessons

    Independently successful students

    Targets for learning

    Inspire and engage students in their learning

    Challenging and supportive learning environment

    Analysis of data

    Love of learning


    A school of approximately 760 students (TK-6) with a teaching and support staff of 45 dedicated individuals - Brookvale is proud of its API Score of 905 and our school will continue to strive for academic excellence.

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    6/1/18 Update: Message to parents of 4th, 5th and 6th Graders about Health, Puberty and Sexuality Education
    On May 2, 2018, the Board voted to approve the staff-recommended Sexual Health and Puberty Education curriculum for grades 7-9, which will take place in classrooms prior to the end of this school year 2018. Parents can continue to opt their children out of part, or all, of the lessons. Though the Trustees approved a Board Policy to provide instruction for grades 4-6, they voted down the recommended curriculum.  A task force will be convened after July 1 to examine other materials and make a new recommendation to the Board by January 2019, for implementation in spring 2019. There will not be any Health, Puberty and Sexuality Education for 4th and 5th Grade students until then. On May 23, 2018 the Board - Yes to Consider and/or Reconsider Adopting 3 R's Curriculum for 6th grade for the 2017-18 school year - then - Adopted 3R's Curriculum for 6th Grade for the 2017-18 School YearConsider the approval of the 6th grade Instructional Guides using the 3R's curriculum for 2017-18.

    Opt out information 6th Grade Parent Letter/Form

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  • What is a combination class?

    A combined or split class refers to a class that is made up of students from two grades.  Combined classes occur most frequently in elementary schools. For example, a school might have a grade 2/ 3 class combination which would include some 2nd graders and some 3 graders. It is important to know that students in combined classes are not held back to the level of the younger children nor are the children in the lower grade expected to do work beyond their abilities. The prescribed learning outcomes are grade appropriate for all students, whether or not they are in a combined class or not.


    What are the criteria for establishing who is in a combination class at Brookvale?

    When teachers are beginning to help establish classes with the principal, for the following school year, there are specific criteria used to determine if a student would be successful in a combination classroom setting. School staff look at students who have displayed the ability to work independently, who have met or exceeded the previous year benchmarks in ELA and Math, who have displayed the ability to ask thought provoking questions about core subjects, who are highly organized in their studies and who demonstrate success when being academically challenged in the classroom setting. Students are placed in a combination class if the previous year teacher feels from the student data, that the student will be able to succeed in a multi-grade classroom setting. Professional judgment, using student data is a large consideration when placing students in a combo class.


     If my child is placed in a combination class, how can I support my child?

    Parents can support their children in the same ways they would if they were in a single grade class. Staying interested and concerned about school work and activities, monitoring a child’s homework and keeping in touch with the teacher whenever possible. If you have concerns about your child’s learning, you should speak to the classroom teacher. As in any classroom setting, staying in communication with the teacher is key in assisting your child with their studies.


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  • no edibles New Nutrition policy 2017-2018

    Birthdays/Special Occasions
    No food or treats at school please! 

    Our policy helps to keep ALL of our kids safe

    Details on Policy

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  • Library Update

    Students are urged to use Destiny, the district's online library catalog from home, here is the link.

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  • Contacts at Brookvale

    Office Hours:
    7:45 a.m. – 4:00 p.m., Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday
    7:45 – 3:00 p.m. Wednesdays & Early Dismissal Days
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  • Please note that EVERY Wednesday at Brookvale is a minimum day for students in grades 1-6.  
    Kindergarten students will have special early days throughout the school year in which ALL Kindergarten students will come to the AM session. Kindergarten parents will be notified of those early days at least 30 days in advance.

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  • Student Enrollment
    New students to the Fremont School District need to enroll for school. This is done through the school district. Please click here https://www.fremont.k12.ca.us/Page/25604 for detailed information on how to enroll your student for next school year.  
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