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African-American Parent Advisory Committee Overview

The members of the African-American Parent Advisory Committee (AAPAC) will serve a two-year term. The membership of the Committee consists of parents of African American students in Fremont Unified School District who have an interest in services and programs that support closing the achievement gap for African-American students. The Governing Board will select up to ten (10) parent/guardian members (preferably two from each of the five attendance areas) to serve on its African-American Parent Advisory Committee. There will also be representatives from each of the bargaining units and two Board members. Meetings will be held quarterly on dates to be announced. Committee Bylaws 

Update 10/22/20 - Application window OPEN -  We still need Kennedy, Mission San Jose, Robertson and Washington representation - PLEASE APPLY - Thank You African-American Parent Advisory Committee Application for Parents/Guardians

2020-2021 Schedule

Tuesdays at 6:00-7:30 pm -  (Zoom - Video-Telecon)
Establish protocols: October 27, 2020  AgendaMinutesThis planning meeting will not be live streamed.
December 1, 2020  AgendaMinutes
January 5, 2021  Agenda | Minutes
January 26, 2021  Agenda | Minutes
February 9, 2021  Agenda | Minutes
March 2, 2021  Agenda | Minutes
April 13, 2021  Agenda | Minutes
May 11, 2021  Agenda | Minutes

2019-2020 Schedule

Mondays at 6:00-8:00 pm - Oak Room - 4210 Technology Dr.

October 7, 2019 Agenda | Minutes
November 4, 2019 AgendaMinutes
January 6, 2020 Parent Cafe Agenda
March 2, 2020 Minutes
May 4, 2020 Postponed
June 1, 2020 Postponed

2018-2019 Schedule

September 11, 2018 Agenda | Notes
November 13, 2018 Parent Cafe
February 12, 2019 Agenda | Notes
May 14, 2019 LCAP Presentation and Feedback Collected


Mark Neal
Christopher Conover
Calvin Hearns
Dyesha Gardner
Larona Jones
Carolyn Hilton
Tamara Johnson
Kiwoba Allaire
Gamila Abdelhalim

Julie Gordon
Greg Bailey

Board members:
Desrie Campbell
Rachel Zhang