• Mission Statement

    Our mission is to provide equitable opportunities that educate, challenge, and inspire students of all ages, talents, and ability levels while preparing each with the skills required to adapt and succeed in an ever-changing world.

    1. Students of all ages are our #1 priority.

    2. All students are entitled to experience an equitable, comprehensive, developmentally appropriate, and culturally supportive curriculum which is responsive to different learning styles.

    3. All students regardless of school of attendance are entitled to an equitable, high quality education that challenges them and enables them to achieve their potential.

    4. Schools are filled with meaningful, engaging activity that promotes learning and positive self-awareness.

    5. Education must focus on the complete student, not just on academic skills development, but also on the creation of healthy bodies, responsible citizens, lifelong learners, dreamers and innovators.

    6. Student success is dependent upon a partnership involving students, families, educators, other school personnel, the greater community, and all have an obligation to promote excellence in education.

    7. Performance must be measured against standards of excellence in all areas of responsibility and achievement with accountability as a priority.

    8. Our schools will provide an environment that is free from harassment and fear. Everyone in our educational community has the right to be treated with respect and courtesy regardless of differences.

    9. Our facilities should be physically equitable, safe, aesthetically pleasing, and have adequate space to provide an environment conducive to teaching and learning.

    10. Technology is a tool to enhance and expand learning for all students and is an integral part of the learning process.

    11. Fiscal responsibility is an essential element of providing a solid education for generations to come. All decisions must be made in light of our educational priorities and our fiscal realities.

    12. We serve students in a climate of trust, where we support and recognize those who take risks in trying new strategies to improve student achievement.

    13. We strive to motivate students and staff to reach their highest learning and teaching potential through recognition of their achievements.

    14. All district employees, as important role models for our students and community, take pride in their profession, and take their responsibilities to our students seriously.