• Portrait-of-a-Fremont-Graduate Portrait of a Fremont Graduate

    Presentation to the Board of Education on 2/13/19 (Google Slides) Agenda

    Board adopted the visual representation as an emblem. (suggested modifications incorporated)

    FINAL - English/español/中文 (pdf) 


    Original Overview

    English | español | 中文

    In the fall of 2018, a series of meetings will be conducted with stakeholders to create “A Portrait of a Fremont Graduate”. By collaborating with parents, community members, students, staff, and other city partners, FUSD can strive toward a common vision and unite under a common mission. The outcome of these engagement sessions will be to create a visual and/or roadmap of a well-rounded FUSD graduate with the qualities, experiences, character, skills, and knowledge they should attain along the way.

    District-wide initiative (Video) and Superintendent's Message (Video)

    As of 2/14/19 on Step 8 and 9 - Formalize & Publicize the Portrait and Align District resources, budget, staffing, and strategic plans to portrait components - Look for “Gaps & Opportunities” in the key values represented in the Portrait for implementation in 2019-20

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