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    UPDATE: Between August and November 2018, nearly 100 stakeholder engagement sessions were conducted as the first step in creating our district-wide “Portrait of a Fremont Graduate”.  At 33 school site staff meetings, 32 parent events, 27 classroom activities with students, and five district-level advisory meetings, thousands of participants collaborated and came to consensus on the essential qualities, character, skills, and knowledge that Fremont students should attain by the time they graduate from our schools. The Superintendent’s Office collected documents from the outreach sessions and reviewed the data to identify the most repeated words and phrases; certain themes began to rise to the top and become clear as key values in our community.

    This short SURVEY is the next step in the campaign. The items included represent the most frequently-mentioned comments from the outreach sessions; therefore, all are important. To condense the collection even further, however, we would like you to rank which ones we should prioritize as a school district.

    The survey is anonymous and does not collect any identifying information other than participant group. Survey results will be collected until December 19th. Click here to participate: https://goo.gl/forms/SPkzTk0eKkuWMywg2


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    In the fall of 2018, a series of meetings will be conducted with stakeholders to create “A Portrait of a Fremont Graduate”. By collaborating with parents, community members, students, staff, and other city partners, FUSD can strive toward a common vision and unite under a common mission. The outcome of these engagement sessions will be to create a visual and/or roadmap of a well-rounded FUSD graduate with the qualities, experiences, character, skills, and knowledge they should attain along the way.

    District-wide initiative (Video) and Superintendent's Message (Video)

    Step One: Individual Brainstorm

    Write a list of words or phrases that exemplify what our students should attain or exhibit by the time they graduate and move on to college and career opportunities.

    • A Fremont Graduate should be able to DO (skills/competencies/abilities)...
    • A Fremont Graduate should KNOW (knowledge/academics/content mastery)...
    • A Fremont Graduate should ACT/BE (character/qualities)...
    • A Fremont Graduate should _________________ (fill in any other qualities)...

    Step Two: Small Group Consensus Building

    1. Select a facilitator, timekeeper, and notetaker.

    1. The facilitator will keep the group engaged, on task, and make sure all are included
    2. The timekeeper will keep the group moving at an appropriate pace and provide reminders or prompts to complete tasks within time limits
    3. The notetaker will listen for common themes and contributions & write them down

    2. Each individual will share their responses with the group.

    3. With the notetaker’s help, create a single master list of agreed-upon terms that everyone can live with (consensus).

    Step Three: Whole Group Consensus

    1. Spokespersons from each small group read their lists aloud around the room; if something was mentioned by another group, it will not be read a second time
    2. Keep reading box by box until everyone’s ideas have been shared
    3. Ask the group to identify any items that should not be included in the large group consensus (if you can live with the item, keep it in)
    4. Turn in ONE master list of agreed upon items to the facilitator and send a copy to Superintendent Wallace’s office to include in the overall district consensus list.
Last Modified on November 28, 2018