1. Pre-arrange a date and time to visit campus through your child's teacher or administrator (ALL visitors and guests, MUST have a pre-authorized purpose to be on campus during school hours).
    2. Check into the office to sign-in and collect a badge(please DO NOT sign-out at the same time - for safety reasons). Your badge MUST be worn on your upper torso in clear view for everyone to see at all times.
    3. Then proceed to your pre-arranged destination.
    4. Once your scheduled visit is complete, please proceed to the office and sign-out
    5. Please support campus safety by keeping off campus grounds when students are at lunch, and recess. 
    6. ALL Restrooms on campus are for students ONLY! If you need a restroom please go to the office.

    *** ALL staff are trained to question adults they are not familiar with on campus at any time.***


    school visit