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    Welcome to our Science lab Webpage!
    Looking forward to having your kids learn science this year. 
    2017 FUSD Science Fair result
    Congrats to our 5th grade winner for winning 2nd place.
    5th grade - 2nd place: Inika Sighn & Avani Nerella, "To Doodle or Not to Doodle." 
    2017 Science Fair Results
    Thanks to all who participated in our Science Fair! 
    Kinder 1st Place: Anish Sahoo, "Defying Gravity."
    1st Grade - 1st place: Anya Chandrasekar, "Needle in a Haystack."
    1st Grade - 2nd place: Sakiko Itoi,"If I can make and break a stress ball."
    2nd Grade -1st place: Nandini Verma, "Egg-citing Spin Spinning Egg Models-An Inside View
    2nd Grade -2nd place: Jiya Gupta, "Drinking Water."
    3rd Grade - 1st place: Veda Ramachandran, "The Truth about Bacteria: Does Washing Hands make a difference."
    3rd Grade - 2nd place: Avish Zindal, "Up, Up and Away."
    4th grade - 1st place: Shrirang Venkatarathinam, "Colorful Capillary Comparison."
    4th grade - 2nd place: Roger Fdappily, "Pencil Resistors."
    5th grade - 1st place: Inika Sighn & Avani Nerella, "To Doodle or Not to Doodle."
    5th grade - 2nd place: Shlok Dubey, "Making a fruit battery."
    6th grade - 1st place: Evangelina S. Kalatholi, "Pinpoint the Barycenter."
    6th grade - 2nd place: Angelina C. Kolatholi, "Purified vs. Microwave H20."
    6th grade - 3rd place: Ashwin Hariharan, "Basketball: Will You Bank the Shot?"


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