• English Language Development
    Each school in the Fremont Unified School District has a program designed to help bring students from their current English level to proficiency. This program meets the California State English Language Development Standards and is in compliance with federal and state mandated law. 
    This link provides resources for parents who have children enrolled in the ELD program within Fremont Unified. 
    When first enrolled in the Fremont Unified School District, each family will be required to fill out a Home Language Survey. If this survey indicates that a language other than English is spoken in the home, your child will be give the California Language Development Test (CELDT) within the first 30 days on enrollment. Students who have previously taken the CELDT will be given an annual assessment every year during the testing window until proficiency is reached. This assessment is called the ELPAC. Below is a list of topics covered in the CELDT and the ELPAC:
    Listening: Following oral directions, teacher talk, extended listening comprehension, rhyming (K-2 only)
    Speaking: Oral vocabulary, speech functions, Choose and give reasons, 4-picture narrative
    Reading:  Word analysis, fluency and vocabulary, comprehension
    Writing: Grades K-1 - Copying letters and words, writing words, punctuation and capitalization
                   Grades 2-12 - Grammar structure, sentences, short compositions
    Academic Programs
    All TK - 6th grade students will receive English Language Development instruction in their classrooms during the school day. Please see your child's teacher for more information on how your child is recieiving ELD instruction during the school day.
    English Learners - Grades 7-12
    Each junior high and high school in Fremont Unified School District offers specialized programs and services for English Learners and their families, in compliance with state and federal mandates.
    Each school designs the academic program for their English Learners based on district guidelines and state and federal regulations, and school counselors place each English Learner in classes accordingly. Students at the lowest levels of English proficiency are assigned to self-contained English Language Development (ELD) classes for part of their school day, where they receive intensive instruction in oral language development, grammar, reading, writing, and vocabulary development. In their other classes, the teachers use specific instructional strategies to make the curriculum comprehensible to the students, according to their English proficiency. All teachers of English Learners must hold special authorization from the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing in addition to their subject-area credential. Some schools hire bilingual instructional paraeducators to support the English Learners in their ELD and other classes.
Last Modified on September 11, 2017