• February 15, the anniversary of the birthday of Susan B. Anthony, known as "Susan B. Anthony Day" on which day schools shall
    include exercises and instruction on the political and economic status of women in the United States and the contributions of Susan
    B. Anthony thereto.
  • Susan B. Anthony
  • Susan B. Anthony
  • LESSON PLAN - Women’s History Month (All Grades)


    Theme: Women’s History

    State Standards:  History 5.7, 8.6 and 11.10 (Refers to CDE Standards)

    Common Core State Standard: Communicate biographical Knowledge on a given person based on Power Point Presentation

    Materials: Power Point Presentation

    Approximate time: 20 minutes +  20 minutes time added if you pick the additional activities attached, to extend the lesson ( See -Notable Women Attached Worksheet for Elementary Grades and You Tube embedded video for Jr.High and High Schools)

    Focus Question: Based on your study of Susan B. Anthony, describe her greatest contribution to the Women’s Suffrage Movement.

    Objectives: Examines the women’s suffrage movement through key figure Susan B. Anthony

    Questions for Discussion:

    How did the 19th Amendment get passed?    

    What were the contributions of Susan B. Anthony to the Women’s Rights movement?                                                                                              

    Writing Prompt: Using the information given in the Power Point to illustrate your arguments write about why Susan B. Anthony said: “Failure is Impossible”.

  • Freedom Heroines

    by Frieda Wishinsky Year Published: 2012 For Grades 6 –8
    • Six biographies in one book about women who fought for equal rights. Great for Reports, with information on Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Jane Addams, Ida B.Wells, Alice Paul and Rosa Parks.
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  • Susan B. Anthony

    by Alexandra Wallner Year Published: 2012 For Grades 2 – 6
    This is a perfect picture book that speaks about the way Susan was a voice of change, in a time when women had to fight for theright to be treated fairly.
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  • The Fight for Woman’ s Right to Vote

    by Carol Rust Nash Year Published: 1998 For Grades 9 – 12
    • Covers the 72 years of the Women’s Rights history. Explains why this was the longest lasting reform movement in American history.
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