• Panther Prowl 2016

    Panther Prowl is on October 7th 2016. This is our annual fundraiser event, the money from which lets us do all the programs we hope to do. You can increase your contribution by using the Employer Matching Program. Please look into your employers’ programs that may be able to match your contribution. If you have any questions please contact our Panther prowl matching program co-ordinator at ParkmontPTAFundraising@gmail.com
    Panther Prowl Dates to Remember:
    October 7th
       All Students must complete a Student Waiver Form to participate.

     October 10th
       Begin collecting pledges.
       Parents: Please remember matching donations from your employer.
     Wednesday, October 26th 
       Collection envelopes with money and Sponsor Sheet are due to classroom teachers.
    Big Thank You to Our Sponsors!

    Panther Prowl 2016

Last Modified on September 18, 2016