• School Site Opportunities
    Listed below are a number of opportunities for parents to become involved in volunteer activities. The list is a work in progress. 

    Health and Safety Committee, Parents and students meeting to discuss emergency preparedness and safety issues. Contact principal.

    School Site Council, Provides strategic guidance for school instructional program and liaison to district office. Contact Principal.

    Parent Teacher Association (PTA); Parent groups officially associated with state and national PTA advocate for children, support effective parenting and promote public involvement in schools. Contact site PTA representative.

    Parent Teacher Organization (PTO); Site-based parent groups performing similar functions as PTA but not affiliated with state or national organization. Contact site PTO representative.

    Booster Clubs; Parent groups formed to support specific student activities such as sports, band, fine arts. Contact site representatives.

    SCRIPP, Organizing classroom fundraising certificate program. Contact school office.

    Classroom and project volunteer opportunities

    Fine Arts Mini-Experience (FAME), Parent volunteers teaching music, art, drama
    Music for Minors, volunteers teaching music
    Copying materials
    Communications packet assembly
    Event volunteers for carnivals and holiday celebrations