• Kindergarten HW Plan 2016-17



    Homework is an integral part of the educational program of the students at Brookvale Elementary School and will be assigned on a regular basis. Parent-supported homework should help students become self-directed, self-disciplined and independent learners, thus improving their immediate learning as well as their long-term academic achievement. The staff at Brookvale believes in the development of the whole child and the importance of extracurricular activities, play, and socialization.  Homework prepares students for new material, reinforces academic learning, and expands upon classroom instruction. It creates new understanding, building a sense of responsibility in students for their own education, and informs/involves parents and guardians in their child’s learning process.


    I.                     Timelines and procedures regarding review, correcting and return of homework:

    Students will independently work on assigned homework and be expected to return the completed assignment/task each Friday.  Teacher will review orally with the class the assignment/task and correct homework for return by the following Thursday.

    II.                    Frequency of homework:

    Homework will be given as a weekly packet with assignments for Monday-Thursday.

    III.                   Duration of minutes for homework:

    Kindergarten homework will be approximately 10-15 minutes each night Monday-Thursday.

    IV.                   Type of homework opportunities:

    Standard based questioning/reasoning and thinking

    Worksheets that reinforce concepts taught in class


    V.                    Percentage of overall grade in which homework encompasses:

    Completion and participation indicated on report card

    VI.                  Individual/ long term/major homework assignments:


    VII.                 Absence/makeup policy:

          Students with excused absences are allotted the same number of days of the absence to complete work.