•  Grade 1- Homework Plan 2016-17

    1. Timelines and procedures regarding review, correcting and return of homework:

      1. Homework will come home daily, with spelling coming home on Monday that is due Friday

      2. Homework will be completed turned in the next day, unless otherwise noted

    2. Frequency of homework:

      1. Homework will be assigned Monday through Thursday

    3. Duration of minutes for homework:

      1. 10-30 minutes per evening, 40-120 minutes per week

    4. Type of homework opportunities

      1. Spelling

      2. Math worksheets

      3. Writing Assignments

      4. Reading

      5. Family time/ Life skills

      6. Computer work (i.e., Lexia, Scootpad, typing, research, etc.)

    5. Percentage of overall grade in which homework encompasses:

      1. Homework will be reviewed upon completion

      2. Homework is graded independently of classroom performance

    6. Individual/ long term/ major homework assignments:

      1. Student led lessons/ presentations

      2. Animal Kingdom Report

      3. Various long term reports

    7. Absence/makeup:

      1. Students with excused absences are allotted the same number of days they are absent to make up work