• Service Learning for FUSD

    The mission of the Fremont Unified School District (FUSD) is to "provide equitable opportunities that educate, challenge, and inspire students of all ages, talents, and ability levels while preparing each with the skills required to adapt and succeed in an ever-changing world." Service-learning is a key teaching, learning, and assessment strategy that is used to help achieve this mission. The long-term vision of FUSD and the City of Fremont is to develop citizens and community members that have the skills, knowledge, empathy, and initiative to overcome challenges in our ever-changing world. FUSD aims to be a leader in service learning and civic engagement.


    Working at Azeveda's school garden!

    Parents and Students

    Service-learning is a teaching strategy that connects classroom curriculum with service projects. Service-learning engages students in projects that serve the community while building social, civic, and academic skills.

    Service Learning is a teaching and learning strategy. It is more than simply community service. Service-learning connects the act of service with rigorous preparation and reflection. The act of service becomes a tool for learning. Service-learning is hands-on, experiential, authentic learning. Service-learning also gives students a chance to make a positive contribution in their community. Teachers throughout Fremont are beginning to integrate service-learning into their classrooms.

    The Service Graduation Requirement: All Fremont Unified School District high school students need to complete 40 hours of service between 9th and 12th grades in order to graduate. We recommend that students start earning hours during their freshman year. The Service-Learning Team is working with schools and teachers to develop structured opportunities for students. Students can earn hours through a classroom or school projects or through an approved non-profit organization.

    Please refer to your school's site for more information.
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