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    Format, Citations, Plagiarism, Grammar, Writing Process, etc...

    All About the Writing Process

    Purdue Owl Student Page has links to almost everything to do with writing. Trying to figure out how to even start writing? They have help here. Need to pick a topic or be able to find relevant and accurate websites? You will find that here too. There is too much available at this website to list here! 

    Formatting a Paper in MLA

    Purdue OWL MLA essay typing standards This page tells you exactly how to set up your paper. It tells you how to set your margins, where to place your name, etc…

    Purdue OWL Example of an MLA Paper shows you what an MLA formatted paper looks like and includes instructions for each part. This is great for you visual learners.

    CSUS Essay Format Example Concise explanation of how to set up your paper. Has a few examples of papers.

    Citing Sources (In text citations and Works Cited page)

    If you use the databases, the database will provide the citation for you! See the Library's homepage for databases.

    Purdue Owl Citations Page This page is for MLA, but you can choose APA or other formats on the menu to the left. This site tells you everything you need to know about how to cite sources from in text citations to your works cited page. Use the menu on the left to navigate to specific types of citations.

    MLA Works Cited: A Quick Guide from the Modern Language Association (they make the MLA guidelines).

    KnightCite citation creator lets you write in required information then creates the citation for you. Just copy/paste it and adjust the font size. Choose your citation style then type of document (chances are you'll want "website document").


    Acadia University Fun animated tutorials on how to avoid plagiarism! These animated tutorials show you how to paraphrase, use quotations, cite sources, research on the web, and more! Choose a character and get going! (Remember these are for college students, so if it sounds like they're talking about college classes as examples, that's why).

    Writing a Research Paper

    Purdue Owl All kinds of help from choosing a topic to how to begin writing your paper.

    Conventions & Grammar

    GrammarBook.com has the rules for grammar/conventions, punctuation, capitalization, writing numbers, and a list of commonly confused words. You can also take quizzes to test your knowledge.

    Quick & Dirty Tips Look to Grammar Girl for help with conventions/grammar. She’s got info on grammar, punctuation, word choice, style, and more.


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