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    There are several sections listed below this tab:




    The homework page is a table made up of three columns:


    (1)   A numeric list of the homework assignment number


    (2)   Description of the assignment listing the page number and problem numbers.  There can sometimes be links other resources such as to a homework handout or page in the homework workbook


    (3)   The due date is the last day a student will get credit for the assignment unless they have a valid excuse for missing that day in class.

    Note: One minor quirk is that if your class is even (periods 2, 4, 6) then the Block Day due date may be one day off (Wednesday is the due date, but your class does not meet until Thursday, which will give you an extra day to do those Tuesday assignments).


    For those students who rely on the softcopy of the text book and the website is down during the evening of their homework they should complete the corresponding page in the homework workbook for the last section completed in class.  These will then fulfill their obligation for the homework credit if they are fully completed.





    The Handouts page is a list of files used as supplements to the text or just extra tables, rubrics, or other information used in the course.  Most of the links will open either Word or Excel files and will have dates associated with the date the assignment or information was presented.




    The Links page is divided into sections for various other resources on the internet.  Some of the main links include:


    (1)   Textbook (usually password protected)


    (2)   Oars – a testing module used in lab work either at school or for homework


    (3)   Academy for Math – A package to help students with Algebra skills